I have learned over time that framing is a very personal process and is best left to the customer to choose for his/her own personal design needs.  As a result, most Roby Designs pieces are sold unframed, unless otherwise specified, so that you will have the best frame to suit your design needs.

If a frame is available for a specific piece, it will be noted next to the photo of the piece in the Gallery section.  In this case, you are welcome to choose the frame offered or you can opt to purchase the piece unframed to frame yourself.  There will be no added charge if you choose the frame offered.

In one or two cases, pieces are sold framed without the option of removal and these cases will be specified in the Gallery section as well.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding framing, please contact me and I will work with you to make the process as simple and effortless as possible!

Thank you for your interest!